Padang Melang Beach


Padang Melang is one of the tourism site in Jemaja Subdistrict. Padang Melang known because of its 8 Km beach length from Letung to Bukit Padi Village. This beach has many coconut trees and very shady for you to enjoy the beach.

This beach is suitable for you to spent time with family. The amenities are provided such as gazebo, changing room, toilet, some food and drink stall and mosque.

In this beach you could do many activities such as swimming, volley ball, football, snorkeling and others. If you want to walk around the beach you could do it by foot or by motorcycle.

For the peak season such as children holiday, Padang Melang has many tourist from local people around Anambas. They come with family or some are friends.

If you want to stay longer here, you could choose Homestay as an option. Or you could do camping near the beach.

To go to Padang Melang, you can use Motorcycle or Car from Letung. It takes 30 minutes if you pass Letung - Kuala Maras Route. If you start from Tarempa, you can use ferry with ± 2 hours trip to Letung. There’s no port in this beach so that you have to go through Letung firsrt.

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