Pasir Manang Beach


Pasir Manang beach and Tanjung Momong is located in Tarempa, Siantan Sub District. Both beaches is next to each other with very wonderful view and clear blue sea.

Especially Pasir Manang Beach, the beach line isn’t wide enough. It is less than 100 meters. This beach is often visited on the weekend by local people who have quality time with family and friends.

There’s some gazebo in this beach to rest. But there’s no food and drink stall. You’re recommended to bring your own food and drink.

You have to bring your own equipment to do some activities here. You could do many activities such as swimming, snorkeling, photography, and others.

Besides, Tanjung Momong Beach is also the favorite tourism site for local people. The location is near and easy to access.  This beach has long beach line, almost 1 Km. in this beach, you have to try to explore the beach with the rocks spread in various form.

The activities that you could do in Tanjung Momong beach are swimming, snorkeling, diving, photography, and others. Commonly, the activities are done at the port near the beach.

To go to Pasir Manang Beach and Tanjung Momong Beach, you could do it via lands by motorcycle with interval ± 15 up to 20 minutes trip. The Motorcycle could be rented or you could use ‘ojeg’ services. You also could do it via sea by rented ‘pompong’ or speed boat.

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