Bawah Islands


Bawah Island is located in Kiabu Village, South Siantan Subdistrict. This island become attention of worldwide because of the article which is released by informs that Bawah Island is the first rank among 4 other island in the Asia.

Bawah Island has unique contour with lagoon in the center of the islands. This lagoon has very clear view through the coral reef.  If the sea level subsides, the sands will appear and the islands will form a circle like a ring with lagoon in the middle of it.

The foreign tourist used to visit this island. Eventhough the visiting level still in minimum number, but some of them is the tourist with the yacht. The yacht dock is in the middle of the lagoon.

The activities that you could do in this island is swimming, snorkeling, diving, trekking, fishing, sun-bathing, or even explore the island.

The amenities in this island are not provided yet. But, the investors in Pulau Bawah Ltd Will develop a resort with 200 villas and other supporting facilities.

If you want to go to this island, in March till July is recommended for you. If you go in monsoon time, the wave is too dangerous to do the trip to this island.

To go to this island, you could rent the speed boat or “pompong” with the local people. You could do the trip from Letung or Tarempa. It takes 3 hours trip or more.

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