Arung Hijau Beach


Arung Hijau is located in Arung Hijau Village, South Siantan Subdistrict. That’s why this area is called Arung Hijau. Arung Hijau don’t have sandy beach, it has only rocks so the wave just sweep the rocks. Arung Hijau is a village with many villagers around.

In the weekend, local people used to go this place to have quality time with family and enjoy the view. Villagers sell food and drink in stall in front of their house. There’s some gazebo for you to rest.

Arung Hijau is the best spot to enjoy the sunset. You can directly see the sun set right in front of you. But you couldn’t swim in Arung Hijau, you only could do photography, fishing, and enjoy the view.

To Go to Arung Hijau, you could rent the motorcycle from Tarempa via lands about 15 minutes trip.

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